Can local governments restrict me from anchoring?

Under Florida law, boaters who use their boats for navigation (even if only occasionally) cannot be restricted from anchoring by a local jurisdiction (city or county) outside of permitted mooring fi elds. Cities and counties are expressly forbidden to “enact, continue in effect, or enforce any ordinance or local regulation ... regulating the anchoring of vessels other than live-aboard vessels outside the marked boundaries of mooring fi elds.” (Note defi nition of live-aboard below.)

Local governments may regulate anchoring within the marked boundaries of properly permitted mooring fi elds. As of September 2012 these are: Key West Mooring Field, Ft. Myers Beach Mooring Field, Fernandina Beach Municipal Mooring Field, Miami Dinner Key Mooring Field, City of St. Augustine Mooring Field, Titusville City Mooring Field, City of Sarasota Mooring Field, City of St. Petersburg Mooring Field, City of Naples Mooring Field, City of Punta Gorda Mooring Field, and Fort Myers Beach Mooring Field.

Tips for safe boating

The 10 basic rules of boating safety

1. Carry adequate safety equipment.

2. Carry approved and suitable personal floatation devices (lifejackets).

3. Tell someone where you are going.

4. Know the rules and regulations.

5. Watch the weather.

6. Carry sufficient fuel and water

7. Guard against fire (ensure that there is no fuel in the bilge and that fuel lines are not leaking).

8. Ensure that your engine will be reliable (service it regularly).

9. Do not overload your boat (gear or people).

10. Do not mix alcohol or drugs and boating.